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Yeoman Shield’s range of fire rated* door protection products can help maintain a fire door’s integrity by protecting against damage. This damage can be caused by the footfall and movement of equipment and objects in people-busy buildings.

Products such as Yeoman Shield door edge protectors, protection panels and PVCu clad glazing beads, when installed, prevent damage from occurring; helping to maintain the function of the fire doors, prolonging the lifecycle and so reducing expenditure for the replacement and repair of fire doors.

Fire doors are put in place to help slow down the spread of smoke and flame, protecting other parts of the building as well as allowing more time for people to get to safety.

A damaged fire door can result in the diminished functioning of the door and seals, proving costly to both buildings and, potentially, human life.

The people in charge of buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices blocks, etc are responsible for meeting the criteria of the RRO regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 (FSO) regulations which includes checking regularly the working condition of fire doors.

Yeoman Shield’s range of fire rated door protection products can provide a solution to new or damaged doors, helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

*For full fire test reports on Yeoman Shield door protection products email sallyann@yeomanshield.com or call 0113 279 5854

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