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Door Edge Protectors

  • Fire rated - please see further details below
  • For both clashign & hinged edges
  • Can be fitted to fire doors without affecting integrity
  • 9 mm reinforcing core for better impact resistance
  • FD30 & FD60 available
  • Choice of fire/smoke & fire seal
  • Extends lifecycles of doors; reducing replacement & maintenance costs
  • Choice of colours
  • Use with door protection panels, glazing bead & frame protectors to provide a complete impact protection system
  • Low VOC product

Manufactured to suit door size (for fire doors will be within the parameters of test data)

50 mm return legs recommended for optimal protection

Up to 2150 mm lengths

On-Trend Range

Premier Colour Range

Ancillary Colour Range

Extruded fire rated PVCu



Door edges can quickly become damaged in busy areas as a result of continuous opening and closing causing general wear and tear to the door’s edge. However, a quality door edge protector can minimise the effect of everyday damage, ensuring your doors remain in pristine condition. By installing Yeoman Shield’s door edge protectors, you can prevent both the meeting edge and hinge edge of your doors from sustaining impact damage.

On top of wear from constant opening and closing, the pushing open of doors with trolleys, equipment and even feet can cause severe damage to the existing door edges. Door edges can easily splinter, posing a health and safety hazard. This kind of damage can be particularly detrimental to a fire door, as it can prevent intumescent smoke and fire seals from performing as they should in the unfortunate event of a fire. With Yeoman Shield’s door edge protectors, you can save on maintenance and repair costs, whilst ensuring that your doors remain fire safety compliant.

The structural integrity of fire doors in a facility is imperative for the safety of the building and the people inside it, and consistent wear and tear to doors in your facility can result in non-compliance of your fire doors. Provided the damage is not too severe, Yeoman Shield’s door edge protectors can bridge the gap between door and frame, ensuring fire compliance and offering tired doors an aesthetic boost.


Why use door edge protection?

Yeoman Shield’s fire-rated door edge protectors have a toughened 9mm PVCu inner strengthening core to help absorb impact damage to the most vulnerable parts of a door. For application to fire-rated doors, our door edge protectors also include intumescent seals in accordance with the fire door’s specification to ensure correct performance in the event of a fire.

(N.B. Yeoman Shield door edge protectors can be provided without seals for use on non-fire rated doors.)

Fire-rated door edge protectors come in the following options: –

Fire Rating:

30FD (1/2 hour)

60FD (1 hour)




Double Swing

Fire Seals available:

Fire (plain intumescent)

Fire & Smoke (Brush intumescent)

(Rubber “fin” intumescent seals available on request).

Our door edge protection is available in 48 different colours, so you can choose one which fits in with the rest of your building’s interior design and colour scheme.

Yeoman Shield Fire Test Information

Door Edge Protectors

Patented Product – FD30/FD60

BS 476: Part 22: 1987 – For half hour or 1 hour fire integrity on full door assemblies.

BS 476: Part 31.1: 1983 – To meet requirements od BS 5588.

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