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With stadiums and sporting events generating footfall of tens of thousands in short periods of time, it is important to use a cost-effective solution to prevent damage to walls, doors and architecture throughout.

With experience in working with some of the biggest race courses and stadiums in the UK, our team of experts can provide your establishment with protective products to reduce the ongoing maintenance costs whilst ensuring that it still looks great.

Protective but looking great

At Yeoman Shield, we understand that most sporting arenas need to look the part which is why we have developed the imagery range of plastic wall panels.

This range of wall protection means that we can use bespoke designs to make sure the walls of your building are in keeping with the look and feel of the arena.

Fire Safety is Paramount

With over 160 building fires every day in the UK, fire safety at any event is key and one of the most overlooked aspects of fire safety are Fire doors.

Fire doors slow down the progression of fire through a building, making them a valuable asset in fire safety. It’s very common for doors in areas with heavy footfall to get damaged often, putting the doors in breach of fire safety regulations and meaning they need to be replaced.

Installing Yeoman Shield protection to new fire doors will prevent damage that will inevitably occur in the future, ensuring the door maintains its fire integrity and reduces the need for costly repair or replacement.

Yeoman Shield’s door protection can also be retrofitted and, in certain cases, can remedy moderate damage bringing the fire door back to a satisfactory condition.

Behind the Scenes Protection

As well as making sure your walls and doors in the public eye are kept up to scratch, your corridors and rooms back of house also need protecting as carts, trolleys and other moveable machinery can cause scuffs, chips, dents and cracks.

By protecting your walls with our protection rail and handrail systems or your doors with our fully fire-rated door protection systems, you can make sure that they are kept to the highest standard.

Saving Your Business Money

Using Yeoman Shield protection products will help to lower building maintenance spend by protecting from damage and marking which in turn will cut down the requirement for repair and redecoration.

Yeoman Shield supplies durable products which will keep protecting the stadium’s hallways and doors for many years to come, requiring no maintenance other than cleaning.

As well as saving you money; using Yeoman Shield products can increase your BREEAM score making your business more eco-friendly and sustainable.

If you would like to know more about Yeoman Shield Wall & Door Protection products and their benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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