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Article 18 of the Fire Safety Order requires the Responsible Person to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures.

Yeoman Shield, part of Harrison Thompson & Co Ltd, can provide a fire door inspection service using qualified inspectors to identify any issues and determine the work required to bring fire rated doorsets back to conformity. Prior to a survey being undertaken the Responsible Person will need to provide details identifying the doorsets that are fire rated and what the period of fire resistance should be for each. When carrying out our survey each fire rated doorset undergoes a rigorous inspection to determine any issues and the results are recorded and presented in a report to the client. Where a door fails to pass the inspection, remedial recommendations are made. Where requested a fully costed proposal will be given to rectify any defects.

If you choose to use Yeoman Shield for your fire door maintenance and installation you will receive a FIRAS certificate of conformity for the work undertaken. Alternatively, you can take our report and instruct any suitably qualified contractor to implement our remedial recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need to accompany the Yeoman Shield team on site?

You are welcome to accompany our team on site but this is not a requirement, our team can work independently on your site after an appropriate induction.


What format do we get the report in?

You will receive your report in a PDF format sent electronically for you to keep with your records.


What if the survey finds issues with any of our doors?

If any of the fire rated doorsets fail our inspection, we will make recommendations as to how it can be made compliant. Our recommendations will always be based on the most cost-effective solution for you. This may include the addition of some fire rated door protection products where we feel this will be the best solution to rectify an issue or be of benefit to prolong the lifecycle of the doorset.


How often should our fire doors be inspected?

Article of 17 of the Fire Safety Order requires the Responsible Person to put in place a suitable maintenance regime to ensure fire doors are kept in an efficient working order and in good repair.

The BWF Fire Door Allowance recommend that all fire doors should be regularly checked by an approved inspector at least every 6 months and more frequently where there is a higher risk of damage.


Are Yeoman Shield Fire Door Inspectors qualified?

Our team have all successfully taken recognised fire door inspection courses to ensure the correct level of knowledge and competency when carrying out inspections.


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