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BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 accredited assures our customers that:

We have a business that in general terms has a low impact on the environment.

None of our manufacturing processes produce hazardous waste or by products that are harmful to the environment.

Diligence is shown in the use of materials and of their disposal.

We are careful with our energy resources.

Recycling is carried out wherever possible – 98% of which is sent for energy recovery as RDF (refuse-derived fuel).

We are always open to ideas for improvement and any suggestions will be considered.


Why the use of PVC in Yeoman Shield products and the manufacturing process is greener than you think:

 PVC is a thermoplastic made up of two starting materials – salt (57%) being one of them is one of the world’s most abundant resources.

The use of fossil fuels in PVC manufacture is less than with other commodity plastics.

As an inert, non-toxic polymer there is no participation in chemical reactions and in accordance with REACH regulations, our products do not contain any chemicals that are on the Substance of Very High Concern list.

PVC has a high strength to weight ratio, is very durable and non-corrosive offering long life cycles. About 60% of manufactured PVC has a service life of between 15 and 100 years.

The BRE Green Guide has awarded a wide range of PVC products an A and A+ rating over more traditional materials such as timber endorsing the fact a PVC is a sustainable product.

PVC consumes less non-renewable primary energy sources than ALL other commodity plastics and has a relatively low carbon footprint compared to other thermoplastics: 1Kg resulting in 1.9Kg Co2.

Recycled PVC has an even lower carbon footprint at 0.3Kg per 1Kg of product. PVC can be recycled up to 7 times over a 200-year life span.

End of use Yeoman Shield products and waste can be granulated for use in the manufacture of other products.

Yeoman Shield PVCu materials/products are sourced and manufactured in the UK. Coupled with a long-life cycle that reduces the need for replacement, redecoration and repair for building interiors, contribute to achieving the requirement of BREEAM 2011 Technical Construction Manual for building.

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