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Places of entertainment, sports and socialising not only need to look the part but also need to be fully up to scratch where fire regulations are concerned.

Damage can easily be caused to doors by equipment and pedestrian movement, along with the vigorous use of cleaning utensils such as vacuums and floor polishers.

Fire Precaution

Safety of customers and staff is also paramount and keeping fire doors (an important component in fire compartmentation) up to RRO standards can be achieved by maintaining the doors with the assistance of Yeoman Shield door edge protectors, door protection panels and glazing bead protectors. All these products carry fire certification.

Saving Money

This not only ensures the safety of the building’s occupants but can also avoid the costly exercise of replacing damaged doors.

Installing Yeoman Shield wall protection products such as corner protection angles and wall protection panels, to protect vulnerable plasterwork, is a great money saving exercise by reducing the amount of redecoration and repair work that needs to be undertaken.

A Hive of Activity

It is also important to keep the back of house, the hub of the business, running efficiently and hygienically. Damaged masonry and woodwork can harbour grime and let bacteria grow and can also become a hazard to staff.

Yeoman Shield’s heavy duty protection such as rubber fenders, metal floor mounted bollards and robust protection rails can help prevent trolleys, carts and wheeled equipment from causing carnage.

A Warm Welcome

Hotels, Leisure centres and meeting places all receive a tremendous amount of footfall and movement of equipment. This can make it a challenge to keep the interior of the building looking neat, presentable and welcoming.

Yeoman Shield wall & door protection products not only protect but can add to the décor of an establishment. With an array of colours, a choice of surface finishes and the ability to add imagery, signage and corporate Logos to our wall and door protection panels and hand/protection rails, Yeoman Shield can help to maintain a professional and inviting appearance for any business.

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