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Read all about the crucial need for regular fire door maintenance and have your questions answered.

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BS8214:2016 highlights that it is important for inspection, maintenance and repair of any damage to be undertaken on a regular basis if the required fire resistance is to be maintained.


Many people believe that fire doors cannot be repaired. This is not always the case, using approved repair and maintenance techniques and trained staff Yeoman Shield, part of Harrison Thompson & Co Ltd can maintain and repair your fire rated timber doorsets with certification provided under the FIRAS fire door maintenance and installation schemes. Repair is a more cost efficient and environmentally sustainable solution than replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Yeoman Shield Site Operatives qualified?

Our team is audited on a regular basis under the FIRAS scheme by Warringtonfire assessors to ensure they have the correct level of knowledge and competency when carrying out fire door maintenance and installation.


What format do we get the certificate in?

You will receive your FIRAS Certificate of Conformity in a PDF format sent electronically for you to keep with your records.


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