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Keeping a School looking smart, tidy and clean can be a daunting task when faced with budget constraints.

Continual repainting and repair of walls and doors damaged by the general use of a building can become a drain on the maintenance money pot – both in terms of actual repair cost and time wastage for your facilities team.

Yeoman Shield wall protection and door protection can provide a solution to the problem with products such as corner protection angles, wall and door protection panels and protection rail which will prevent the damage from happening and over the lifecycle of a building will drastically reduce the need for redecoration, repainting and repair.

Yeoman Shield has a wide range of products including skirting, frame & architrave protection as well as heavy-duty rubber wall protection rails and angles that can cover most eventualities.

The benefits of wall protection for education

In addition to school environments, wall and door protection products are also beneficial in universities and colleges – where they can protect against the wear and tear caused by pedestrian traffic and also reduce burden on staff hours spent refurbishing premises.

Wall protection panels are also easy to clean, just wipe them down and they’re back to great condition. This is ideal for busy schools where cleaning operatives have their resources stretched. This frees up time for cleaning to be carried out in other areas. You can also install wall and door protection in classrooms, where they prevent wear and tear but also save walls from accidental spills, graffiti and damage.

Promoting accessibility

In a school environment, offering accessibility is a must. Our durable handrails provide support for students who need it, whilst also adding a layer of additional protection by creating a barrier between walls and students. Handrails benefit both staff and students and our Guardian Handrail offers dependable, durable performance in your school.

For more information on the protection solutions that Yeoman Shield can offer buildings such as Schools, Colleges and Universities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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