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Our products aren’t just durable and reliable – they’re also visually pleasing. We offer a wide range of colour options with a choice of different finishes – all of which are UV stabilized to limit colour fading under UV light. Whether you’re using bold colours to help visually-impaired users find their way to handrails, or using a pastel shade to create a relaxed finish, we offer a huge range of colour options.


LRV – Light Reflective Value
Some of our colour options can be chosen by their LRV – which refers to how light or dark the colour is. The higher the LRV, the lighter the colour – but also the more it will react to light. This can be useful in choosing colours for rooms that do not benefit from much natural light.

NCS Colour References
NCS (Natural Colour System) is a standardised system for you to select colours exactly as we see them. NCS is used by industry professionals as a tool to specify precise colour options.

*Colour option for Guardian 50mm dia handrail
(G) Colour only available in Gloss Accent smooth wall panel range
(S) Colour only available in Satin Pastel smooth wall panel range

Lagoon (G)

LRV: 30

Grape (G)

LRV: 47

Avocado (G)

LRV: 37

Lime (G)

LRV: 60

Fuschia (G)

LRV: 18

Orange (G)

LRV: 17

Ruby (G)

LRV: 7

Slate (G)

LRV: 1

Ash (G)

LRV: 11

Plum (G)

LRV: 5

White (G)

LRV: 88

Sky (S)

LRV: 64

Pebble (S)

LRV: 57

Willow (S)

LRV: 75

Ivory (S)

LRV: 71

Mint (S)

LRV: 61

Linen (S)

LRV: 81

Sandstone (S)

LRV: 39

Duck Egg (S)

LRV: 78

Clay (S)

LRV: 71

White (S)

LRV: 88

Graphite (S)

LRV: 21

Stainless Steel Finish*

Available for Guardian 50mm dia. handrail only

Timber Beech Finish*

Available for Guardian 50mm dia. handrail only

Pebble Grey*

Available for Guardian 50mm dia. handrail only

Stone Grey*

Available for Guardian 50mm dia. handrail only


RAL 5012 (nearest)
LRV: 19
NCS: 3050-B

Trafalgar Blue

RAL 5000
LRV: 11
NCS: 6020-R80B

Royal Blue

RAL 5017
LRV: 11
NCS: 3065-R90B


RAL 4012 (nearest)
LRV: 17
NCS: 3065-R70B


BS 24 C 39 (nearest)
LRV: 7
NCS: 6030-R50B


LRV: 23
NCS: 3040-R70B


BS 22 B 17
LRV: 39
NCS: 3010-R60B


RAL 7046 (nearest)
LRV: 21
NCS: 5502-B


BS 08 B 21 (nearest)
LRV: 24
NCS: 5005-Y50R

Sage Green

BS 14 C 35 (nearest)
LRV: 39
NCS: 3010-G10Y

Pale Green

BS14 C 31 (nearest)
LRV: 70
NCS: 1010-G40Y


LRV: 10
NCS: 4050-Y90R

Opal Green*

RAL 6004
LRV: 8
NCS: 7020-B70G

Light Green*

RAL 6027
LRV: 43
NCS: 2030-B60G

Pastel Green

RAL 6019
LRV: 49
NCS: 1030-G30Y

Pastel Blue*

RAL 5024
LRV: 20
NCS: 4030-B

Aqua Blue

RAL 5018
LRV: 26
NCS: 3040-B40G

Steel Blue*

RAL 5011
LRV: 6
NCS: 7020-R80B


RAL 4004
LRV: 7
NCS: 5040-R20B


RAL 4001
LRV: 19
NCS: 4030-R40B


RAL 3003
LRV: 9
NCS: 3560-Y90R


LRV: 16
NCS: 5020-R

Pink Rose

BS 04 E 49
LRV: 71
NCS: 0515-Y90R

Dusty Grey*

RAL 7037
LRV: 26
NCS: 5000-N


BS 10 E 50
LRV: 72
NCS: 0550-G90Y


BS 04 E 53
LRV: 15
NCS: 1580-Y80R

Sky Blue

LRV: 60
NCS: 1020-B10G


LRV: 33
NCS: 4010-Y10R


LRV: 14
NCS: 3060-Y80R


BS 08 E 51
LRV: 51
NCS: 1070-Y10R


BS 14 E 53
LRV: 17
NCS: 3060-G

Slate Green

LRV: 12
NCS: 7005-G20Y

Dark Blue

RAL 5002
LRV: 8
NCS: 4055-R70B

Regatta Blue

BS 18 E 53
LRV: 15
NCS: 3060-B

Powder Blue

BS 20 C 33
LRV: 55
NCS: 1515-R90B

Pigeon Blue

BS 18 C 35
LRV: 45
NCS: 202-B10G


BS 08 B 29
LRV: 7
NCS: 8005-Y80R


RAL 1001
LRV: 36
NCS: 3020-Y30R


BS 08 B 17
LRV: 51
NCS: 2010-Y40R


BS 10 B 15
LRV: 79
NCS: 0804-Y10R


RAL 9016
LRV: 86
NCS: 0500-N


BS 00 E 53
LRV: 4
NCS: 9000-N

Dark Grey

RAL 7015
LRV: 12
NCS: 7005-R80B

Mid Grey*

BS 00 A 05
LRV: 37
NCS: 3502-B

Light Grey

BS 00 A 01
LRV: 57
NCS: 2000-N


BS 10 C 33 (nearest)
LRV: 73
NCS: 0530-Y10R


RAL 2012 (nearest)
LRV: 33
NCS: 1060-Y70R

Raspberry Red

RAL 3027 (nearest)
LRV: 12
NCS: 2070-R

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