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Life Cycle of Fire Doors Extended with Yeoman Shield


The FM company of a large Yorkshire Hospital engaged with wall & door protection specialists, Yeoman Shield, to resolve the unsightly and problematic damage that was occurring to fire doors in a busy specialist unit.

Such damage, caused by the everyday passage of people, trolleys and equipment, if not attended to, may have become detrimental to the functioning of the fire doors.

Yeoman Shield were able to provide a comprehensive fire rated door protection system, which when installed does not affect the fire integrity, to help combat and break the damage cycle, helping to prolong the life of the doors.

Door Edge protectors, either FD60 or FD30, according to a doors rating, were installed to the vulnerable leading and hinged edges of the door to prevent chipping and splintering and helping to maintain the recommended 3mm gap between doors and frames.

The leaves of the doors were covered with Yeoman Shield’s 2mm thick FalmouthEx protection panels at either full or half height dependent on where the impact was more prevalent, preventing dents or holes from manifesting in the future.

Standard glazing beads were replaced with PVCu clad units, complete with corresponding intumescent strip, helping to protect an element of the door much prone to damage.

A further part of the fire door refurbishment project was the addition of an Architrave and Stop Lath protection system. These systems come complete with hardwood (stop lath) or MDF core (architrave) with a PVCu cover and as such not only becomes resilient to impact damage but eliminates the requirement for redecoration and repair.

Yeoman Shield were able to provide fire certificates for all parts of their fire door protection system offering compliance assurance to the client.

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