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Returning to work safely

With much of the nation now returning to work, offices and work environments must be made safe to avoid a second wave of COVID-19.

Our workstation pods help stop the spread of the virus by creating isolated and hygienic workstations. Acting as a divide between desks, these help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by providing a physical barrier to halt the virus from transmitting via coughs, sneezes or being in proximity to work colleagues for extended periods.

Easy to install

Flat-pack packaged, our work pods have been designed to be installed quickly and easily. Assembling in seconds, these require minimal planning or preparation yet can greatly reduce the risk of virus transmission.

We also offer portable screens which can be easily and quickly placed into scenarios such as dinning and queuing areas.

Bespoke services are available where screens can be supplied and installed to specific sizes and configuration with the capability of being surface top mounted.


Made from uPVC materials, these pods are extremely easy to clean. Simply wiping with a cloth and disinfectant on a regular basis will remove bacteria and viruses effectively; by providing a simple and uninterrupted surface, they do not contain any difficult-to-clean nooks which might impede cleaning efficiency.

Joining multiple pods together

These pods are designed to be used on a large scale, and multiple units can easily be joined together to provide an office-wide solution with no wasted space or awkward fittings.

Clear visibility

We understand that collaboration and visibility are important in many workplaces, which is why we made our work pods transparent. This means minimal obstruction is caused in terms of co-operating and communicating with colleagues and work can continue safely with as few alterations as possible to normal practice.

The portable screens have the additional benefit of whilst the top half can be left clear, for visibility aspects, the bottom half can hold a colour, message, bespoke design or logo helping to make the screens as part of the interior d├ęcor.

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