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Preventing Damage in Schools With Wall and Door Protection

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The school environment presents unique challenges for facilities managers and caretakers. With a high number of students moving throughout a building, wear and tear becomes a pressing concern. Maintenance and refurbishment is both time consuming and costly, so it’s important to cut down on this initial wear and tear and avoid damage, which in turn cuts down on the need for repair. 



The main area of scuffs and damage tends to be in corridors, where students move between rooms during break periods. Damage can occur from passive wear such as a student’s shoe or zipper scuffing walls through to intentional damage such as graffiti and vandalism. These factors make securing corridors against damage a great way to cut down on maintenance costs. Consider using a durable Yeoman Shield Wall Protection Panel to protect against damage, providing a shield against scuffs and scrapes. Corners, often the most exposed areas of the corridor, can also be protected with corner protection panels.

In schools accessibility is also a concern. Handrails from Yeoman Shield provide support for students who may have disabilities - but also add a layer of protection against damage by creating a buffer zone. Doorways are particularly susceptible in a school. Classroom doors and fire doors will be opened and closed hundreds of times a day, often by students who may be less than enthusiastic about using handles or adhering to safety concerns. As such, many doorways are kicked open or nudged with feet - this can cause a high amount of damage which must be repaired.

Often, these repairs will require a full door replacement, which is an expensive process. Consider incorporating door edge protectors and door protection panels to cut down on wear and tear and maintain doors. All of our door protection products are fire rated, granting an even higher standard of safety.

Ultimately, an initial outlay on protective panels can help cut down on maintenance costs and time-drain in your school’s facility management process. If you’d like to speak to us about our products or require tailored advice on protecting specific areas in your school, get in touch today and see how we can help you.