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Fire Door Protection and Safety

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Fire safety plays a key part of considerations of the design of any building, however keeping your property up-to-date with fire regulations and safety checks can be time-consuming and expensive. Read on to find out how Yeoman Shield Fire Door protection products can help improve your building’s fire safety.

Slowing the spread of fire

Our fire door protection products are certified under FIRAS, a Third-Party certification scheme which assures our clients that our products conform to the strict requirements of active fire protection systems. Our products help ensure that a fire’s progress through a building is slowed down or contained, giving you more time to evacuate people from your building. This is especially critical in buildings such as hospitals and care homes, where vulnerable people may take a long time to be evacuated from the building, whilst also providing extra time for fire services to arrive on the scene.

We manufacture the full range of fire door protection, from protection panels to door edge protectors to glazing beads, ensuring every part of your door is properly shielded.

Saving repair and restoration costs

Maintaining a fire door to the appropriate safety standards can also be costly to your businesses’ finances. The wear and tear these doors face mean that regular maintenance checks and repairs are necessary; however, with our fire door protection products installed, the lifespan of a fire door is vastly improved, saving time and money on repairs in addition to increasing the safety of your building.

Fire Door Inspection and Survey Services

Along with supply and installation of Yeoman Shield products we can also offer Third-Party fire door inspection and survey services to ensure your fire doors are working to the best practice guidance issued for timber fire doors.


Direct installation

Our Supply & Fix service ensures not only that the fire door protection products you are provided with are up to standard, but also that these products are installed correctly to maximise their efficiency. The last thing you need is to purchase fire protection products only for them to be installed incorrectly and thus negate their benefits.

All of our operatives hold CSCS cards, assuring you of the quality of our work. As a FIRAS Company Member, our customers can also have peace of mind that all work carried out in the installation of fire-resistant products is done so under best practice and guidelines as laid out by the industry.

Have any questions about our fire door protection products? Contact us today to discuss your needs!