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Yeoman Shield’s Smooth Wall Panel products are a perfect addition to the wall protection range offering a clean and hygienic covering to walls.

Suitable also as a protection system for interiors that experience only medium to light impact damage, these panels are well suited to washroom, kitchen, restrooms and cafeteria environments.

Available in pastel or accent colours, the inclusion of Smooth Wall Panels can add flare to interior design schemes.

Please see below for colours available in Gloss (G) or Satin (S) finish.

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Colours available in this range

Lagoon (G)

LRV: 30

Grape (G)

LRV: 47

Avocado (G)

LRV: 37

Lime (G)

LRV: 60

Fuschia (G)

LRV: 18

Orange (G)

LRV: 17

Ruby (G)

LRV: 7

Slate (G)

LRV: 1

Ash (G)

LRV: 11

Plum (G)

LRV: 5

White (G)

LRV: 88

Sky (S)

LRV: 64

Pebble (S)

LRV: 57

Willow (S)

LRV: 75

Ivory (S)

LRV: 71

Mint (S)

LRV: 61

Linen (S)

LRV: 81

Sandstone (S)

LRV: 39

Duck Egg (S)

LRV: 78

Clay (S)

LRV: 71

White (S)

LRV: 88

Graphite (S)

LRV: 21

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