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Plastic Skirting

  • Fire Rated - Please see further details below
  • 125 mm & 100 mm deep flat back version
  • 110 mm deep system complete with solid timber core
  • New build or retrofitted
  • Reduces the need for skirting repainting
  • Stocked in limited colours: please check with the sales office when placing an order


125 mm & 100 mm deep

10 mm projects

3.5 m lengths

Solid core system

110 mm deep

15 mm projection

3.5 m lengths

External corners 250 x 250 mm legs

Flat back option

Extruded & extruded with MDF core

Extruded PVCu flatback skirting

Extruded PVCu skirting with solid timber core

Smooth Extruded & Formed

FalmouthEx Formed

When using Yeoman Shield’s plastic skirting board covers; repair, replacement and repainting of skirting will become a thing of the past.

UPVC skirting boards reduce ongoing maintenance costs in your building – and they can be fitted from the development stage or can be installed later to replace damaged skirting. Upvc skirting offers a far more durable alternative to traditional timber cores, which helps reduce the risk of damage from both pedestrian traffic and the impact of objects such as trolleys.

The extruded PVCu skirting board option complete with a solid core is an alternative to traditional timber skirting.

Perfect for new build projects, it can also be retrofitted if severely damaged skirting need replacing. Paired with our wall protection panels and wall protection strips, facilities managers can form a complete wall protection system

With the ability to absorb knocks and bangs, these protection products will help to reduce decorating costs.

Yeoman Shield Fire Test Information

Extruded Protection Products – B, s2, d0

BS EN 13823: 2010 + A1: 2014.

BS EN ISO 11925 – 2: 2010.

BS EN 13501 – 1: 2007  + A1: 2009.

BS 476: Part 7: 1997 – The surface spread of flame products – Class 1Y (Class 1 is the best classification in this test).

BS 476: Part 6: 1989 + A1: 2009 – Fire propagation for products – Class O – As defined in the latest building regulations, approved document B (Fire Safety).

Installation Guide

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