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Heavy Duty Protection from Yeoman Shield


When it comes to protecting the interiors of your building, some areas will need significantly more protection than others. Areas in which motorised vehicles are used such as trolleys, burden carriers or forklifts can be susceptible to more damaging impacts. In these places, it’s important to have heavy duty protection in place to ensure your building remains looking smart and adhering to health and safety standards.


Perfect for loading bays and other areas where heavy trucks will be used, the D-Fender offers ultimate protection. Made of EPDM rubber, these strips act as a bumper for any vehicles to avoid impact damage. They can be positioned on walls to avoid any accidental bumps, or at the bottom of doors which trucks will pass through regularly. D-Fenders are invaluable to buildings such as warehouses, factories and industrial environments.


The E-Fender is a larger ridged EPDM rubber fender. Coloured PVC inserts can be used between the strips to conceal the fixings and make the fender more attractive. These fenders are commonly used outdoors on external walls, particularly for loading bays and parking areas.


In areas where head-on impact is expected, the Duo-Fender offers the most protection. It is specifically designed to take the blow, shielding the surface below from any damage. They can protect areas both internally and externally and are particularly useful for protecting bollards and columns from damage.


In loading bays or other places where vehicle doors will be opened a lot, a Midi-Fender is a great way to protect from bumps and scrapes. They can be positioned at the appropriate height on the wall where car doors will be protected. Coloured inserts can be added, which highlights risk areas to drivers so they can avoid impact if possible. Not only does the Midi-Fender keep the wall protected, it also keeps the vehicles protected from damage too.

Metal Bollards

Floor-mounted metal bollards are a great way of protecting expensive equipment from potential impact from trolleys, trucks and general footfall.
Speak to a member of our team today to find out what sort of heavy-duty protection we can provide for your building. If you explain the type of facility you are looking to protect, we can advise some heavy-duty solutions that will work for you. Give us a call today on 0113 279 5854.