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Fire Door Safety From Yeoman Shield

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From 23rd to 29th September, we will be taking part in Fire Door Safety Week. Fire door safety is an important part of building maintenance and it can literally save lives.

It’s vital that awareness is raised on this issue, as many people don’t understand the actual function of fire doors which can lead to their damage and misuse.

The main purpose of fire doors is to stop the spread of smoke and fire. In the case of a fire, this can prevent further damage to the building and more importantly prevent any more people from being harmed. It’s important that your fire doors are protected to ensure they function properly all of the time.

The RRO (Regulatory Reform Order, 2005) has standards for fire doors that need to be met. This includes checking fire doors regularly to ensure they work. Yeoman Shield’s fire door protection products adhere to fire door safety best practice. Our door protection panels can keep fire doors free from damage, extending their lifecycle and keeping the fire door completely functional for longer.

Take part in Fire Door Safety Week with us by attending our awareness event. It will take place on Tuesday 24th September, from 10:30am until 1pm. A panel of experts will be there to answer any questions you may have on fire door safety all morning and lunch will be provided. Topics covered will include the importance of evacuation, fire door inspections, damaged fire doors and the effects this can have in the event of a fire and extending the lifecycle of fire doors.


Come along to our head office at Yeoman House, Whitehall Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 to take part in this incredibly useful day, completely free. Places are limited so please email sallyann@yeomanshield.com to register your place.