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LRV – Light Reflective Value

Some of our colour options can be chosen by their LRV – which refers to how light or dark the colour is. The higher the LRV, the lighter the colour – but also the more it will react to light. This can be useful in choosing colours for rooms that do not benefit from much natural light.

NCS Colour References

NCS (Natural Colour System) is a standardised system for you to select colours exactly as we see them. NCS is used by industry professionals as a tool to specify precise colour options.

Sky (S)

LRV: 64

Pebble (S)

LRV: 57

Willow (S)

LRV: 75

Ivory (S)

LRV: 71

Mint (S)

LRV: 61

Linen (S)

LRV: 81

Sandstone (S)

LRV: 39

Duck Egg (S)

LRV: 78

Clay (S)

LRV: 71

White (S)

LRV: 88


RAL 7046 (nearest)
LRV: 21
NCS: 5502-B

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