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Yeoman Shield Extends Wall Lifecycles at School

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Yeoman Shield, the leading provider of wall and door protection products were thrilled to be chosen again by Ravenshall School, a special educational needs school in Dewsbury that caters for pupils with complex needs, to install products over the summer holidays.


After the success of Yeoman Shield products which had previously been installed, the school wished to roll out the wall protection programme in more areas helping to maintain welfare standards with hygienic, durable, damage free walls.

Yeoman Shield fixing operatives installed FalmouthEx Light Green wall protection panels to the school corridors. The hardwearing surface is inherently hygienic and easy to clean with the lightly textured surface designed to conceals scratches, scuffs, and markings.

Now in place the panels will extend the lifecycle of walls by protecting from impact damage caused by the everyday movement of staff and students, (some using wheeled mobility aids) and will eliminate the need for constant repainting of the lower walls saving time and maintenance costs.

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Guardian Handrails in a contrasting Opal Green colour was installed just above the wall panels. Available to school users who required extra support the rails have an ergonomic 40 mm grip top which is easy and warm to hold whilst offering an additional element of protection to the wall behind.

Contrasting stop ends and external corners were fitted to the Guardian Handrail helping to highlight doorways and corners for those with visual impairments.

The school estate, along with others in the group is managed by FM company Pinnacle Group. Michael Cooper, Lifecycle & Variation Manager, said of the work carried out:

“The installation of FalmouthEx wall protection and Guardian Handrails has helped us deliver on our mission to extend the lifecycle of school facilities and optimise efficiency, while also improving accessibility for students at Ravenshall School.

This collaboration with Yeoman Shield has allowed us to create an environment which protects not only safety, but also the durability and condition of the school’s corridors. The efficient installation by Yeoman Shield operatives outside of term time ensured minimal disruption to school operations.

At Pinnacle Group, optimising maintenance efficiency is a core priority. Yeoman Shield’s expertise has allowed us to deliver for Ravenshall School and the team have been a pleasure to work with throughout the project.”

For more information on how Yeoman Shield Wall & Door Protection products can help with efficient and planned maintenance regimes go to www.yeomanshield.com or call 0113 279 5854.