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Anti-Ligature Handrails


Yeoman Shield Anti-Ligature handrail system is being utilized in a newly commissioned dementia unit in South Wales.

Ysbyty George Thomas, as part of Cwm Taf Health board’s Valley Life Initiative, has recently undergone a refurbishment to become a health and wellbeing centre for people with cognitive and memory problems.

Throughout the design process of the new Dementia Unit, comfort and functionality for clients who would be accessing the area was paramount. Not only were aesthetics taken into consideration with a stunning welsh valleys mural wallpaper installed in between bright colourful “front doors” but safety aspects were of a prime concern.

For safeguarding measures Yeoman Shield’s Anti- Ligature Guardian Handrail was chosen, as both a supportive and wall protection rail system, along the main corridor of Ysbyty George Thomas as well as through the Dementia Unit.

This Anti-Ligature handrail has a continuous fixing block which runs the full length of the back of the rail eliminating any points that can easily have a length of material or cord wound around it, preventing the possibility of harm to patients. To ensure that the terminating ends of the handrail are not used in a similar way, a tightly fitted wall return is added to totally enclose the ends allowing no gaps between the wall and the rail.

Supplied in a dark grey colour as a good contrast to the light wall colour scheme, the Guardian Handrail also dovetailed perfectly into the wall paper design by resembling the top of the depicted drystone walling.
“We are exceptionally pleased with the new Dementia Unit and the complementing look, quality and functionality of the Yeoman Shield Anti-Ligature Guardian Handrail.” Commented Jeanne Smith, Directorate Support Manager, Mental Health, Cwm Taf University Health Board

For more information on how Yeoman Shield can help preserve the interior of healthcare environments go to www.yeomanshield.com or call 0113 279 5854.