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Investment in new wards at County Hospital Stafford protected by Yeoman Shield


County Hospital, Stafford, have invested in 4 new wards which are to be opened throughout the year, offering more patient beds and spacious areas conducive to patient care and staff wellbeing.

The first of such wards to be opened is Elderly Care, Ward 15, which - now containing 28 beds with 12 single en-suite rooms, four, four bedded bays, a dedicated rehabilitation/therapy space, counselling and day room – is a great improvement on what was previously available.

The ward refurbishment work, run by main contractors Kier Construction, included wall & door protection products from Yeoman Shield which were installed by their own fixing team.

To ensure that the investment of time and money made by County Hospital in the re decoration and layout of the new ward was preserved for many years to come, Yeoman Shield Guardian Twin Handrail was fitted to the walls along the bed bay corridor.

This dual purpose product not only acts as a handrail support for those requiring it but the integrated lower protection rail provides protection against wear and tear to the walls and the upper handrail also.

The nurses’ station area and connecting corridor walls are now thoroughly protected with Yeoman Shield 125mm protection rail on a solid timber core, affording a robust yet attractive defence against wheeled equipment, trolleys and cleaning machines.

Corner protection angles and protection strip were also added to ensure a comprehensive protection system was in place.

All were supplied in complementing shades of Grey, dovetailing into the décor scheme, contributing to a clean and attractive appearance throughout the unit.

The 12, bright and airy, en-suite rooms, colourfully painted, have Yeoman Shield bed head protectors installed on the walls at the head end of the patients bed. This area can be extremely vulnerable to damage caused by beds, drip stands and other medical equipment being wheeled up, too close, to the wall.

Yeoman Shield’s stylish Guardian Bedhead protectors at 900mm long in Cream or Grey, were fitted on spacer brackets, standing slightly away from the wall to ensure full protection was given to the plaster painted wall behind.

Ward Manager, Julie Woodworth commented “I am extremely proud to be the first ward manager to move in the refurbished ward. The reaction from the patients and the staff has been absolutely fantastic.”

For more information on Yeoman Shield wall & door protection products and how they can save on maintenance budgets go to www.yeomanshield.com or call 0113 279 5854