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Hospital Corridor Walls Protected by Yeoman Shield


A busy access corridor linking one wing to another at a major Yorkshire Hospital now benefits from a wall protection system supplied and installed by Yeoman Shield.

The heavy footfall, wheeled equipment and bed trolleys continually traversing the path between two busy wings was starting to take its toll on the walls and corners of the corridor in the form of marking, denting and scratching.

Keen to maintain the high smart standards as well as lifecycle and sustainability of the property, the hospital choose a protection system from Yeoman Shield to overcome such damage.

200mm Protection Rail was fitted “flat-back” to the wall on one side of the access way with FalmouthEx Wall Protection Panels installed below the rail.

Rubber stop ends/returns (new to the Yeoman Shield range) were applied to the rail as added defence against heavily laden trolleys and carts that may come into contact.

The opposing wall was also offered protection by the same Yeoman Shield 200mm Protection Rail this time installed on 60mm “stand-off” allowing the system to become a supportive rail for those who require it. The rail was again finished with the durable hardwearing rubber accessories.

Matching 75 x 75 mm Corner Protection Angles were put on vulnerable corners on both sides of the walkway completing a comprehensive wall protection system that will help to reduce the time and money spent on redecoration and repair over the lifecycle of the building.

More information on Yeoman Shield’s cost-effective wall & door protection systems can be found at www.yeomanshield.com or by calling 0113 279 5854.