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Utilising Colour and Contrast in Dementia Care Communities

July 25th, 2019


Many studies have shown that people living with dementia can be influenced by use of colour in the hospitals and healthcare facilities they are in. Our protective products can be used to bring colour into these environments whilst also assisting with mobility.

The most important use of colour to help dementia patients is to highlight important areas of the room. For example, it’s useful for them if chairs are a different colour to the floor or doors are a different colour to the walls. Yeoman Shield wall and door protection sheets can be used to this effect. They come in a huge range of different colours so you can choose the contrasting colours you want.

Colour can be used to highlight risks in areas where dementia patients will be present. For example, changes in levels should be highlighted in different block colours, like ramps or stairs, so they are clearly visible to the patients and they can process that it requires a change in pace.

We can also provide products which offer physical assistance, as well as mental stimulation. Our wide range of handrails are perfect for patients with less mobility, to assist them with standing or walking. These can also be chosen in a bright colour that contrasts the walls, to help it stand out to the patients. These coloured handrails can also be used as a type of guide for dementia patients to follow.

Some of our protective products can be printed with signage. For healthcare facilities, this can be incredibly useful. If patients leave their room then some useful signage pointing them back in the right direction can be invaluable. We can print a whole range of lettering and imagery onto our wall and door protection sheets.

Yeoman Shield can provide products for care homes, community buildings and healthcare facilities that would be useful for dementia patients. Contact us today on 0113 279 5854 to find out more.