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Fire Doors: Are You Protected?

January 16th, 2018


When it comes to protecting your premises and the occupants within it, your fire doors must be kept to a high standard. Wear and tear can render a fire door unfit for purpose – which could mean you are breaking the law.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order (RRO) states that a “suitable maintenance regime must be in place ensuring that all relevant equipment is in an efficient state, including fire doors.” As a building owner or manager, the onus is on you and you alone to ensure your fire doors are kept to a high standard.

Fit Yeoman Shield fire rated door edge protectors, which safeguard your fire doors from everyday damage and prevent the exact wear and tear that renders fire doors unlawful. Yeoman Shield fire rated door protection products DO NOT affect fire integrity – but they do help keep the door in good condition, which prevents the spread of smoke and flame in the event of a fire.

Are you taking note of the condition of your fire doors? Typical signs of damage that render your fire doors unsuitable include:

  • Damaged Door Edges – a door with a gap larger than 3mm between its meeting edges cannot prevent smoke and fire travelling through the cracks. Protect door edges with Yeoman Shield PVCu Door Edge protectors to suit FD30 and FD60 fire doors with relevant fire seals.
  • Damaged Door Leaves/Panels – Damage to the door leaves/panels can cause a loss of integrity to your fire door rating. Prevent this with Yeoman Shield PVCu FalmouthEx or HessianEx fire rated door protection panels.
  • Damaged Glazing Beads – If glazing beads are loose or split, the fire door cannot stop smoke from seeping through and intumescent seals may not work correctly. With Yeoman Shield FD30 or FD60 PVCu Clad Glazing Beads, damage to the beads around vision panels can be reduced.

Why use Yeoman Shield fire rated door protection

  • Protect fire doors from damage from trolleys, footfall and other equipment.
  • Are fully fire certified and tested in situ.
  • Can be fitted to both new doors and old doors without affecting integrity.
  • Prolong the life cycle of your doors
  • Can bring damaged doors back to acceptable fire standards.

Remember: the onus is on you. Protect your fire doors now or risk the consequences.

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