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Care Home upholds High Hygiene Standards with the Help of Yeoman Shield


Lambton House Care Home in County Durham, has taken extreme care in designing a home that caters for the lifestyle of their older generation clients. Creating beautiful décor, relaxing lounges and spacious light living areas which are constantly maintained and cleaned to a high level.

With the hygienic concerns that have been magnified with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of their infection control improvement projects, Lambton House connected with Yeoman Shield to carry out the replacement of damaged wooden handrails with a PVCu alternative

The wooden handrails not only looked unsightly but were becoming a problem when it came to the care home’s thorough cleaning regime.

With the varnish peeling and cracks and dents forming, a perfect haven was being developed for the incubation of bacteria & viruses, that were difficult for cleaning cloths etc. to get into.

Yeoman Shield supplied their Guardian 50 mm diameter handrails as a hygienic alternative replacement.

Manufactured from a rigid PVCu the handrail is resilient to abrasion and impact damage preventing scratches and scrapes that can promote the growth of bacteria.

The warm-to–the-touch circular handrail has a non-porous surface which is easy to clean and can be wiped down with commercial strength cleaner without affecting the colour or finish of the product.

Yeoman Shield Guardian 50mm Diameter handrail is available in a choice of colours that easily dovetail into existing or new décor schemes helping to achieve a warm and homely, less sterile, ambience.

Lambton House added colour strips, in dementia friendly colours, to sit behind the rails as part of the pathfinding scheme throughout, assisting residents in locating their bedrooms and other services around the building.

Lambton House Infection Control Project Manager, Glen Pickering stated

“Infection Prevention and Control is of paramount importance to all of us here at Lambton House.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Yeoman Shield for the upgrade of our handrails throughout the care home. We have been extremely impressed with Yeoman Shield’s professional approach to working with us. The guidance and support offered to us when we considered an hygienic and dementia friendly handrail solution from their extensive product portfolio was invaluable.

“We are absolutely certain we chose the right partner in YS, for this critical project. The results are fantastic.”

To complement the Yeoman Shield handrail and colour wall strip Lambton House also installed matching coloured door protection kick plates and PVCu clad glazing bead units. These door products will protect the lower part of the doors from impact damage which can be caused by trolleys, wheeled equipment and the movement of residents and staff around the building.

For more information on the replacement of wooden handrails with durable, easy clean Yeoman Shield alternatives go to www.yeomanshield.com or call 0113 279 5854.