Protection Rails

Protection rails are designed to prevent damage in areas such as corridors, walkways, receptions and waiting rooms where a barrier rail or bump rail is needed to protect against impact damage caused by the movement of trolleys, equipment, furniture and people.

PVCu protection rails are more durable and long lasting than the traditional timber trolley and crash rails and are excellent wall protectors.

Yeoman Shield Protection Rails have been tested to ensure that they not only increase the life cycle of a building’s interior whilst reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Our range of protection rails are often used in conjunction with each other to provide a solution that covers the key areas which get damaged. An added design benefit of these protection rail is the inclusion of lettering or images into the face of the rail giving a signage tool for employees and visitors.

See our full range of protection rails below, which should be used in conjunction with some of our other solutions such as wall protection, door protection and heavy duty items to reduce your maintenance throughout the building.