Door Edge Protectors

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Door edges (both meeting and hinged) can come under the hammer in busy thorough fares.

Continuous pushing open of doors with trolleys, equipment and even feet can cause severe damage to the existing door edges.

This damage can result in there being a gap between the meeting edges or the edges and frame which is over the 3mm recommend by the RRO and therefore leading to non-compliance of the fire door.

Yeoman Shield’s Door Edge Protectors, with their toughened 9mm PVCu inner core, are the perfect product range to install on the door edges to help protect and prolong the life of a door.

The door edge protectors may also be fitted without seals to non fire doors, where protection or aesthetics is the only consideration.


  • Vinylac outer , 9mm toughened PVCu inner core
  • Fire seal insert

Fire Seals available:

  • Fire Seal (plain intumescent)
  • Fire & Smoke Seal (Brush intumescent)


  • Manufactured to door size required – please state when enquiring N.B. we recommend an overlap of 50mm
  • 2.0mm standard thickness , 2.5mm available on request


  • Radius
  • Square Edge
  • Double Swing

Fire Rating:

  • 30FR (1/2 hour)
  • 60FR (1 hour)


  • Choose from our standard range
  • Special colours available subject to quantity


  • 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx
  • 2.0mm thick HessianEx
  • All Door Edge Protectors are supplied with chamfered edges to ensure a smooth, safe edge is attained once fitted and to avoid any ledges.

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