The bollards at Yeoman Shield are made from combinations of metal & plastic making them suitable for use in a wide range of places including car parks, super markets and hospitals.

Metal bollards

The metal bollards at Yeoman Shield come in a number of types with each better suited for different uses in a variety of environments.   

All our bollards contain an element of metal, more often than not this is steel whether it be a full metal bollard or a bollard with a metal tube core.

Our all metal bollards are often used in supermarkets to protect fridges and other expensive equipment, due to their clean stylish look and protective qualities they are one of our most popular bollards.

At Yeoman shield we have 4 types of all metal bollards made from a variety of polished stainless steel, chrome painted steel and steel plated bollards.  

Plastic Bollards

The plastic bollards with a metal tube centre are commonly found in hospitals, schools and leisure centres.

The PVC casing can be adapted to suit any environment, with different colours textures and imagery used to add to the overall protective solution.  

Used to protect lifts, corner cabinets and doorways these plastic bollards ensure maintenance costs are reduced throughout the year.

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Where Can You Use Yeoman Shield Bollards

Supermarket Bollards

Our stainless steel bollards are often used in supermarkets to protect expensive refrigeration units from trolleys and cages used within the store. These security bollards are a relatively cheap way of protecting expensive equipment from damage, once again reducing the maintenance cost of the refrigerators.

Parking Bollards

Plastic bollards are often used to protect walls and cars in multi-story car park facilities. These parking bollards help to minimise the damage to both cars and the structures they are parking in. The plastic bollards are floor mounted and when used in conjunction with our fender range provide excellent protection to lower you maintenance costs.

Hospital Bollards

Our type 1 floor mounted bollard ranges are commonly used in hospitals due to their durability and adaptability.

By encompassing a steel tube in PVC plastic we have created a bollard which can be designed to not only protect but to look aesthetically pleasing, blending in with other protection products, to ultimately save you money in maintenance and repairs.

To see our full range of bollards visit the heavy duty section of the website. There you will see 5 different types of floor mounted bollards.