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Cost Saving Ideas

Manufacturing, Logistic, Storage and Warehousing companies have to be on top of their “housekeeping” to ensure that damage does not occur to the structure of the building or machines whilst having to contend with the flow of traffic from forklift trucks, cherry pickers, wagons and heavily laden trolleys.

Yeoman Shield can supply “heavy-weight” wall & door protection products such as rubber fenders, rubber corner protection angles along with bollards and robust protection rail options to help protect the fabric of the building from damage which in turn can reduce the amount of maintenance and repair work required.

Protect Your Assets

Machinery and racking can be guarded by placing our cabinet or bollards at corners stopping vehicles making contact.

Rubber fenders such as Yeoman Shield’s E-fender & D-fender can be installed around stone work, bollards and protrusions to prevent damage not only  occurring to the masonry work but can protect a vehicle that happens to knock into the wall as well.

Yeoman Shield Rubber Corner Protection Angles are perfect for protecting around columns and corners of loading bays and packing areas. The angles have the option of a chevron insert down the middle which when in place can highlight hazards.

A Clean Environment

When hygiene and easy cleaning is of paramount concern, such as in pharmaceutical factories, Yeoman Shield wall and door protection panels along with PVCu corner angles are the solution to protecting from damage caused bywheeled equipment.

The rigid plastic panels, when cleaned and maintained correctly, do not promote the growth of bacteria and ensure that dents and scrapes do not occur to the walls and doors which can easily harbour grime and bacteria.

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