Keeping a School looking smart, tidy and clean can be a daunting task when faced with budget constraints.

Continual re-painting and repair of walls and doors damaged by general use of a building can become a drain on the maintenance money pot.

Yeoman Shield wall and door protection can provide a solution to the problem with products such as corner protection angles, wall and door protection panels and protection rail which will prevent the damage from happening and over the lifecycle of a building will drastically reduce the need for re-decoration, re- painting and repair.

The new Yeoman Shield “hot spot” indicator pin points the areas where damage is most likely to occur to the interior fabric of a school as well as highlighting the Yeoman Shield products which can be installed to prevent such damage from happening.

The areas depicted are typical vulnerable points found in an education building. However Yeoman Shield has a wide range of products including skirting, frame & architrave protection as well as heavy duty rubber wall protection rails and angles that can cover most eventualities.

For more information on the protection solutions Yeoman Shield can offer building such as Schools, Colleges and Universities contact our team on 0113 2795 854 alternatively send us your solution requirements.

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