Wall Panels & Door Protection Swindon

Traditionally a railway town Swindon has a population of over 185,000 inhabitants, with some fantastic architecture. After the war, Swindon needed regenerating and has since been voted in the top 20 places to buy a property in Britain.

With large companies based in Swindon including, Honda, Nokia, Dolby and WH Smiths distribution centre Swindon host some of the highest paid employees in the country. Business like the Royal Mail, Morrisons and NHS have used Yeoman shield products to reduce their repair and maintenance costs and we can adapt them to fit any size building or industry.

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Wall Protection Products

Our wall protection products are ideal for preventing scrapes, dents and other damaged caused to walls in areas of heavy footfall. Wall panels and protection rails are often used in corridors where trolleys, and moveable equipment is move along to protect valuable plaster and paint reducing the repair and maintenance costs.

Our wall protection products for Swindon include:

  • Wall panels
  • Protection rails
  • Handrails
  • Corner protection angles
  • Bed head protectors

These products are suitable for use in all industries providing protection to the full length of the walls. Our latest product now means that café’s and shops can install a protective solution that adds to the look and feel of the property. Take a look at our new silver wall panel here.

Door Protection Products

Doors are often over looked when protecting buildings throughout Swindon, but the solutions Yeoman Shield provide mean that the cost of replacing both ordinary doors and fire doors are cut down dramatically.  

Fire doors can cost up to £3000 per set but by using our door edge protectors you can keep your fire doors within the legal requirements for a longer period of time.

Our door protection products for Swindon include:

  • Door panels
  • Door clapping laths
  • Door edge protectors
  • Door frame protectors

All of these products add up to provide a solution to save businesses money on their annual repair and maintenance costs.

For more information on any of our door or wall protection products get in touch or download our free brochure today and a member of our Swindon team will be in touch.