Wall Panels & Door Protection Leeds

Leeds is the 3rd most populated city in the UK and where our headquarters lie. Based 5 minutes away from the major motorways and just 10 minutes away from Leeds city centre we are ideally placed to deliver you the solution you require.

Leeds is well known for its universities as it has the fourth largest student population in the country, with an increasing urban economy.

Being based in Leeds, we have worked on a number of the local hospitals, schools and leisure centres to help them to meet budget cuts by reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Some of our Happy Clients

  • Morrisons
  • Leeds Teach Hospital
  • Spire Health Care
  • Leeds University
  • West Yorkshire Police Authority

Benefits of using our protection solutions

  • Reduced repair costs
  • Increased door and door frame longevity
  • Fire regulations met
  • Hygienic, stylish protection solutions
  • Bespoke panelling designs

Wall Protection Products

Corner Protectors – Our corner protectors provide protection from trolleys, carts and other moveable equipment. They protect the paint and plaster on your walls from damage, reducing the maintenance and repair costs considerably. 

Bed Head Protectors – Specifically designed for use in hospitals or care homes, where beds are often pushed against walls causing scuffs and indentations. We have multiple sizes and styles available to fit any decoration.

Skirting – To complete the wall protection solution we often add skirting to ensure that the foot of the wall doesn’t get damaged, theses also mean your hallway and corridors are kept hygienic.  

Door Protection Products

Glazing Beads & Clapping Laths – By installing our glazing beads and clapping laths, damage is prevented which can ensure your fire doors meet regulations for a longer period of time.

Door Edge Protectors – To help prevent damage to doors which carts, trolleys and other things are pushed through, our door edge protectors are what you need.

Other Products

Floor Mounted Bollards – Perfect for protecting valuable fridges and freezers in supermarkets, or as car park bollards to prevent cars going in certain areas.  

For more detail on our products including fixtures and fittings then get in touch or visit the product page you are interested in by searching our website.

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