200mm Wall Protection Rail

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The largest of our wall protection rails, this 200mm deep rail is well suited to corridors and walkways of busy buildings. Available in 2 options depending on the severity of the damage which may occur, the wall protection rail uses a fixing clip system that is suitable for light/medium duty areas where trolleys are more light weight.

Upgrade this wall protection rail with an optional MDF inner core that provides additional durability for heavy duty areas such as utility corridors where heavy carts and trolley damage is prevalent.

The MDF core can be substituted with a steel core if the wall protection rail is required to span window and voids which affords additional stability to the rails.

The 200mm Wall Protection Rail can be utilised at mid or low level and is available as a "flat" to the wall or "stand-off" version.

Rail Composition

  • Rail & Accessories extruded Vinylac
  • Fixing/jointing clips fabricated
  • Stop end/external corner injection moulded
  • Injection moulded cream PVCu 60mm  spacers (used for stand-off version only)

Rail Dimensions

Flat to wall version:

  • 200mm deep
  • 30mm projection
  • 3.5m length

Stand off version:

  • 200mm deep
  • 88mm projection
  • 3.5m length

Rail Colours

  • From our standard range
  • Special colours available subject to quantity. Please contact us for details.

Rail Finishes

  • Stippled

Special Accessories

Irregular external corners are manufactured to order. A continuous solid core is recommended in areas where the rail may be subject to heavier impact. In extreme instances of impact it may also be advisable to utilise the steel style stop ends and corners. When spanning windows or radiators, a continuous Aluminium core should be used.

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