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Yeoman Shield Footrails offer optimum protection to the ower part and skirting element of walls. They can also be the perfect protection for vulnerable glass walls, screens, freezer/fridge equipment and deli counters.

Fixed onto brackets which slot into a floor mounted receptacle, allowing the rail to be removed for thorough cleaning.

Available with a choice of either Stainless Steel or PVCu finish, the footrail is a great defence; stopping heavy weight trolleys, motorised tricks and vehicles colliding with walls and partitions.


Extruded PVCu sleeve over an Aluminium core. Alternatively, a stainless steel type 304 extruded tube.

Either rail is mounted on a type 304 stainless steel floor bracket.


Both the PVCu and stainless steel version are 50mm in diameter and manufactured in 3m lengths.

The standard fixing bracket is 150mm high and slots into a 100mm deep socket. The base is 60mm diamter.

Standard Accessories

Standard Floor Brackets

Wall return

External/internal corner

Stop end

Special Accessories

Stainless Steel stop ends and internal/external corners.

Alternative floor brackets are available as shown below.

Colours & Finishes

For available colours got to our colours page


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