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Yeoman Shield Make Protective Products for Student Accommodation


As student accommodation is used by several people, it can start to look shabby and tired. It can be costly for a school or university to do yearly repairs and redecoration on so many rooms. Yeoman Shield makes protective products suitable for use in student accommodation.

Doors in student accommodation can sustain a lot of damage as they are passed through countless times in a day. Yeoman Shield’s door protection products can help maintain the integrity of the doors and avoid damage to the structure or finish. We offer door edge protectors, protection panels and PVCu clad glazing beads, all of which can prolong the lifespan of a door and reduce redecoration costs. Our door protection products are fire rated and can be installed on brand new or older doors.

We also offer wall protection, perfect for communal rooms and corridors. Wall protection reduces damage inflicted on walls which will drastically reduce your maintenance cost, as redecoration and repair costs can be a big drain on maintenance budgets. Wall protection is available in a range of colours and finishes, so you can maintain a colour scheme throughout your building or collection of buildings.

Look at Yeoman Shield’s website for their range of wall protection and door protection products which can help minimise impact damage caused by general everyday use of student accommodation blocks.