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Yeoman Shield Completes the Picture at Pinderfields Hospital


Cofely GDF SUEZ in conjunction with Consort Healthcare and Mid Yorkshire NHS trust engaged with Yeoman Shield to improve the durability and sustainability of key areas within Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Working on the prospective of offering a more pleasant and non-clinical looking environment to patients, staff and visitors, the external entrances and gateways to the departments of the hospital are decorated with printed graphics using aesthetically pleasing colours and designs.

However by the very nature of a busy hospital building used 24/7 the movement of trolleys, beds, equipment and footfall results in wall coverings at low level becoming subject to a high degree of wear and tear damage over a relatively short period of time.

The Capital Works Department working in conjunction with Consort Healthcare and Mid Yorkshire NHS were keen to improve the situation with an enhanced quality product that would not only blend in with the original design but would also make the walls more durable, sustainable and easier to maintain.

The preferred solution was Yeoman Shield Imagery with the concept of bespoke shapes and designs inlaid in a protective wall panel to blend with the existing wall coverings.

Once agreed upon, Yeoman Shield’s contract department diligently set about copying images and dimensions from the original printed graphics. This was then brought to the in house CNC machining department who replicated the shapes in FalmouthEx 2.0mm thick wall panels. The colours were matched for both the blue and green areas from their extensive colour range.

Installed by Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives the wall protection sheets on the lower wall were matched up perfectly to the original covering on the upper wall. A protective grey plastic rail completed the new wall protection.

“Everyone from the start of the project worked hard resulting in an excellent end product which we are exceptionally pleased with.” Concluded Mr Kenward.

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