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We are Supporting Fire Door Safety Week


Yeoman Shield are supporting Fire Door Safety Week, 26th September – 2nd October.

Fire doors save life and property!

The Fire Door Safety Campaign aims to engage and educate building owners and building users on how to use them properly.

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Damaged fire doors, particularly those which no longer meet in the middle to form an effective fire seal, can compromise fire resistance and could be condemned by fire safety officers for not meeting RRO 0 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) regulations.

Fire doors form an essential part of fire safety in public buildings and the highest priority should be given to maintaining them to their correct and original performance.

Yeoman Shield has a range of fully fire tested door protection products specifically designed ti improve damaged fire doors.

Installing Yeoman Shield products is cost effective and in most cases avoids the cost of fitting new door sets and also protects vulnerable surfaces from further damage.

Yeoman Shield manufactured materials have been fully fire tested and have also undergone further testing in the application in which they will be used i.e. Door Edge Protector.

Full fire reports along with professional product support are available from our Sales Office.