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Yeoman Shield Footrails offer optimum protection to the lower part and skirting element of walls.

They are also the perfect protection for vulnerable glass walls, screens, freezer/fridge equipment and deli counters.

Available with a choice of either Stainless Steel or a PVCu finish, the foot rail is a great defence; stopping heavyweight trolleys, motorised trucks and vehicles colliding with walls and partitions.

Inherently hygienic, robust and with a long lifecycle, Yeoman Shield Foot Rails are suitable to be used in a healthcare, school or retail environment with an option of removable rail to allow easy cleaning.


50 mm dia.
Supplied in 3 m lengths
Standard fixing bracket is 150 mm high after being slotted into 100 mm deep socket.
The base is 60 mm dia.


Extruded PVCu sleeve over aluminium core. Alternatively, a stainless steel type 304 extruded tube.
Either rail is mounted on a type 304 stainless steel floor bracket.


Please see colours for PVCu option.

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Colours available in this range


BS 10 B 15
LRV*: 79
NCS**: 0804-Y10R

Mid Grey

BS 00 A 05
LRV*: 37
NCS**: 3502-B


BS 00 E 53
LRV*: 4
NCS**: 9000-N

Dusty Grey

RAL 7037
LRV*: 26
NCS**: 5000-N


RAL 9016
LRV*: 86
NCS**: 0500-N

Opal Green

RAL 6004
LRV*: 8
NCS**: 7020-B70G

Pastel Blue

RAL 5024
LRV*: 20
NCS**: 4030-B


RAL 1001
LRV*: 36
NCS**: 3020-Y30R

Steel Blue

RAL 5011
LRV*: 6
NCS**: 7020-R80B

Light Green

RAL 6027
LRV*: 43
NCS**: 2030-B60G

Light Grey

BS 00 A 01
LRV*: 57
NCS**: 2000-N

Pebble Grey

Stone Grey

Stainless Steel Finish

Timber Beech Finish

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