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When using Yeoman Shield’s skirting products; repair, replacement and repainting of skirting will become a thing of the past.

The extruded PVCu skirting option complete with a solid core is an alternative to traditional timber skirting.

Perfect for new build projects, it can also be retrofitted if severely damaged skirting need replacing.

With the ability to absorb knocks and bangs, these protection products will help to reduce decorating costs.


Extruded in 3.5 m lengths, the skirtings are available in 125 mm and 100 mm deep with a projection of 10mm or in 110 mm deep with a projection of 15 mm, with a solid core.


The extruded skirting are manufactured using Vinylac with post formed corners.
Solid core option available.


Skirting can also be manufactured to suit specific sizes from Yeoman Shield protection strip or wall protection panels.

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Colours available in this range


RAL 9016
LRV*: 86
NCS**: 0500-N


BS 08 B 29
LRV*: 7
NCS**: 8005-Y80R


RAL 7046 (nearest)
LRV*: 21
NCS**: 5502-B


BS 10 B 15
LRV*: 79
NCS**: 0804-Y10R


BS 00 E 53
LRV*: 4
NCS**: 9000-N

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