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Planning for the installation of wall and door protection


We understand the importance of planning ahead when you’re considering installing wall and door protection. Having the correct information easily accessible will help you carry out installation as efficiently as possible, help ensure the best end result and give you peace of mind that your work will last for years to come.

Yeoman Shield and the NBS

When planning for renovation or installing wall and door protection on existing surfaces, it’s important to have access to precise details of component specifications. This will help ensure the best possible end result with the longest lasting finish. It may also help increase the efficiency of the installation and minimise disruption caused by the installation process.

The NBS (National Building Specification) is a UK-based system of specification used to describe components of a construction project in detail. With our NBS Product Selector Specification, detailed specification for our product range is now available.

Receiving our product specifications

Our full product brochure, complete with NBS specifications, is available now. Simply navigate to our NBS Product Selector Specification page and select download. After opening the file, you will be presented with our product brochure, where individual products are listed with their detailed specifications such as measurements, accessories, available finishes, details on the absorption of impact and more. It also includes colour codes and guides on matching different colours and details on the variety of textured finishes we offer for a complete guide to our products. This more easily allows you to plan your project in detail, letting you review your ideas in detail before proceeding.

Experiencing our quality in person

Another major factor in planning your works is experiencing our products in person. We can offer free of charge product samples and colour swatches, letting you come to a final choice fully informed on colour, finish and quality. Experiencing the look and feel of materials is something which can never be fully appreciated through a computer screen; contact us about requesting a sample or swatch today.