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Pairing function with style


Creating a school environment teachers and students can be proud to work in is essential for a sense of school spirit and motivation. Our products help to keep a school smart, clean and tidy, with long-term benefits for a school’s hygiene, maintenance budget and accessibility. Read on to find out the benefits of Yeoman Shield for schools.

Interior design
With the hustle and bustle of busy school life, it is often seen as inevitable that the interior designs of schools will quickly start to show signs of wear and tear. Large parts of school maintenance budgets go towards repairing and redecorating school buildings on a frequent basis; however, this does not need to be the case. Our protection paneling greatly extends the lifecycle of a school’s interior design, shielding it against the damage which can occur in busy corridors and classrooms.

By shielding against this damage, our products also prevent the scrapes and dents on walls which can harbour harmful bacteria and viruses and prove difficult to clean effectively. Our panelling has been designed for easy cleaning and thorough disinfection, whilst the rigid PVCu materials it is made from inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould, assisting in creating a safer and more hygienic school environment.

Our wall protection products are fully customisable with imagery, branding and signage, ideal for displaying the school colours or including department names on walls to help students navigate around the school. In addition to the practical value of bespoke wall panelling, this can also elevate your interior design and make your school look smarter, helping staff and students to take pride in their school.

We also offer a range of handrails ideal for increasing the accessibility of your school. Our durable handrails provide support for students who may require help traversing the school, especially on stairs and sloped areas. Like all our products, these are also sturdy and easy to clean.

School holidays
With the school summer holidays upon us, now is the ideal time to install Yeoman Shield products in your school building whilst it is not in use. This will ensure your students arrive back in September with new infrastructure in place which improves hygiene and makes your school smarter and more accessible.

Interested in Yeoman Shield protection products for your school? Contact us today to discuss your school’s needs with us and discuss how we can provide a solution!