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Off to a Running Start for Myeloma Charity


To mark their 50th year of trading, Harrison Thompson & Co. Ltd are offering to  sponsor employees who are embarking on varied and valiant events to raise money for good causes.

One such person who will be in receipt of this support is David Christopher-Walker who, along with his wife Rachel, is embarking on his first ever half marathon.

Here David, who is part of the Yeoman Shield (wall & door protection products) sales team and specialises in export, gives us an insight into the whys, wheres and hows of his half marathon training efforts.

“My wife Rachel and I decided to challenge ourselves with a half marathon and when Rachel’s Dad was unfortunately diagnosed with Myeloma we decided to raise sponsorship in aid of the Myeloma UK charity which offers support and information to suffers and their relatives.

“Myeloma is a type of cancer that develops from cells in the bone marrow called plasma cells causing problems with bone pain and damage along with high calcium and protein levels which in turn can lead to kidney disease and associated problems.” Explained David.

“We were obviously shocked at my Father-in-Law’s diagnosis and though only a small thing compared to what he may have to go through, taking part in the Leeds half marathon on the 8th May this year makes us feel as if we are doing something positive.

“As I’ve commenced my training I have come to the conclusion that I am certainly no Mo Farrah. Currently I have only managed to run about 4 miles in one go so – as you can appreciate – I need to step things up a little. The main problem with having 2 young boys and both of us working full time is finding the time to actually go out and run.

“I’m hitting the road about twice a week in and around the area where I live and my eldest son is showing his support by accompanying me on his bike. It’s nice to have his company and have someone to chat to, that’s when I’m not too out of breath!

“Rachel however is definitely putting me to shame as she has created a training plan which she is sticking to and finding the stamina to get out and run 4-5 times a week – I’m not feeling guilty honest. I’m sure her regime will only add to my pain as she storms across the finishing line in a lot quicker time than my anticipated 2 hours.

"However all joking (and jealousy aside) it is Rachel’s determination to do this half marathon and to do it well that is really inspiring me to continue the hard slog and compete  alongside her – well at least for the first mile or so.” Concluded David.

When asked if he would consider doing a full marathon in the future David’s response was a resounding “no” – although he did add “unless Rachel really wanted me to.”

London Marathon here you come David? -   Maybe!

Harrison Thompson are delighted to support David and Rachel on their sponsored event and wish them the best of luck. Updates on how David’s training is going will be available on our website over the coming weeks.