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No more painting thanks to our new system!


Fed up of spending time and money on maintaining skirting? It’s often the most easily damaged part of a building – but thanks to Yeoman Shield’s skirting products the need to repair or replace skirting products will become a thing of the past.

Many new build properties should considering skirting and door protection, which keeps a property in good condition and thereby protects its value. Older properties will already show signs of damage, whether to the skirting boards or doors and architraves.

Skirting boards are often the first things to be damaged in a building, as foot traffic and other impacts can scuff and scrape them. Our extruded PVCu skirting protection features a solid core and acts as a robust alternative to timber skirting.

Doors and architraves, especially at low level, can be exposed to breaking and splintering; becoming unsightly and dangerous as well as causing crevices which may attract dirt and bacteria. Avoiding such damage can be achieved by fitting a Yeoman Shield Frame/Architrave protector resulting in a hygienic and easy to clean finish.

Best of all, these products cut out the need for repair or replacement - once you’ve installed them, you’ll enjoy a low maintenance solution that you can rely on.

If you’d like to know more about our skirting and door protection range, get in touch today.