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New Year, New Fire Door Protection


Is your New Year’s resolution to check the condition of your fire doors? If not maybe it should be. Having fire doors that aren’t fit for purpose isn’t just bad practice, it’s against the law!

Protect your building and its inhabitants by taking precautions, after all, as a building owner or manager, you have a legal duty to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order! This regulation states that you must have a maintenance regime in place to ensure that ‘all relevant equipment is in an efficient state, including fire doors.'

This is where Yeoman Shield fire rated door protection products come in. Though they won’t affect the doors fire integrity, they will safeguard them from damage and wear and tear, keeping them working efficiently and capable of preventing the spread or smoke and flames if a fire were to occur.

All of our fire rated products keep your doors in great condition, protecting them from damage from trolleys, footfall and other equipment, prolonging the lifecycle of them and bringing damaged doors back to acceptable fire standards. They are all fully fire certified and tested and can be fitted to both new doors and old doors without affecting integrity.

This year make sure you constantly keep an eye out for signs of damage too, so you can fix your fire door before it becomes a hazard. Possible signs of damage may be: a gap of larger than 3mm between your door and its meeting edges which won’t stop smoke and fire travelling through the cracks, loose or split glazing beads which won’t stop smoke from seeping through, and damage to leaves/panels which can cause a loss of integrity to your fire door rating.

Keep your fire door up to scratch in 2019 with fire rated door protection from Yeoman Shield.