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How to Solve Your Biggest Building Maintenance Challenges


Constant maintenance on a building can be time consuming and, more importantly, a drain on finances. Yeoman Shield sell protective products which can keep your building’s interiors clean and free from damage. This blog will explain a few of our top selling products and how they can solve your building’s maintenance challenges.

Wall Protection

Our wall protection panels act as barriers for your building interiors, shielding them from any potential damage. Walls in particular can easily be scuffed, which over time means they need to be repainted. This is a big drain on maintenance budgets and can take up valuable time. Depending on the type of building it is, you may have to close off the area being painted, causing even more inconvenience. With wall protection sheets, the need for repainting and redecorating is eliminated.

Door Protection

Door protection is also very important, particularly on fire doors. As these have to be kept up to standards, if they ever become damaged, they must be repaired immediately. Avoid this panic and the financial aspects that come with it by using our door protection panels, door edge protectors and glazing bead units. They adhere to fire safety best practice, ensuring safety, and also expanding the lifespan of the door itself.

Corner Protection

Repetitive remedial work can be avoided with corner protection products. Corners tend to get damaged first and most often in a building, as their protruding edges are more susceptible to being chipped or dented. Our corner protection strips line the wall edge, keeping corners safe from damage and saving your maintenance budget for other more important jobs.


Yeoman Shield Guardian Twin Handrails have a double function: they provide people with less mobility with some assistance for walking, but they also act as protection for the wall. The protruding rail acts as a bumper for the rest of the wall, saving it from scuffs or dents. Handrails are a great way to use a small amount of your maintenance budget to go a long way, and save you paying out for repairs later on.

Skirting & Footrails

Damage to lower parts of walls and interiors is more common, as frequent footfall often leads to scuffs and kick marks. Avoid these costly repetitive repairs with protection for your lower walls. Bollards and footrails can be utilised to keep these parts of walls free from scuffing and chipping, saving you money in repairs.

Preventative measures are always the key to keeping your repair costs down. Get in touch with us today on 0113 279 5854 to find out what we can to do protect your building and keep your maintenance costs at an all time low.