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How to Design the Best Interiors For Your Retail Store


When a customer walks into a store, their purchase decision will be influenced by their first visual impression of the shop.. From the products, to the interior design, every visual element will be assessed.

As shopping can be a hassle or stressful experience for some, a spacious and welcoming store design can be key in your customer retention. Many factors play into this design choice, and it all depends on the accessories and materials you choose to create it. This blog will take you through some of Yeoman Shield’s protective products which can help you to create a winning design for your retail store.

Stainless Steel Foot Rails

As the payment or customer service desk is where your customers will achieve the aim of their shopping trip, either to purchase an item or speak to a member of staff, it’s important that this area stays looking its best. One option for this area is to install a stainless steel footrail around the desk. This will prevent damage and dirt that occurs due to the heavy foot traffic in this area and keep the cash desk area looking clean and enticing.

Door Protection

Doorways in busy retail stores can often start to look damaged or tired fairly quickly as customers walk through with bags, trolleys or baskets. These objects impact the doorways, which not only makes them look shabby, but can damage the structural integrity of the door and hence compromise your customers safety. All of Yeoman Shield’s door protection panels are fire-rated so would further improve the health and safety standard of your store. Attractive door panels and door frame protectors are the best way to make sure doors to toilets, baby changes and staff rooms stay safe and secure.


If your store has more than one floor, you have to ensure that your stairs are a safe zone for your customers. A simple handrail attached to one wall is the most space efficient solution. Our handrails are available in a range of different colours, so you can remain true to your store’s colour scheme. Handrails are a perfect solution for shoppers with less ability and will make your shop more enticing to them as they know they will be comfortable there. Our Premier Handrail has a protective panel available in the colour of your choice, keeping the wall clean and unmarked, as well as a handrail to support those who need it.

Wall Protection

With a lot of busy shoppers in and out all day, the walls of your store can quickly start to look dirty and faded. Our wall protection panels will save on maintenance fees and keep the store looking amazing. Better than this, we offer a printing service on our wall protection panels so you can choose any particularly signage, pattern or imagery to keep your shop looking attractive and enticing to customers.

As well as your store’s interiors, it’s important to keep the back end of the shop safe for your employees. We have a range of heavy duty products such as bollards and rubber fenders which can protect interiors in areas where trolleys and motorised vehicles are in use. We also offer bespoke wall and door protection solutions as well as our huge range of standard products. Get in touch with us today to kit out your retail store to draw in customers and adhere to health and safety standards.