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Yeoman Shield Proves to be the Perfect Recipe for Restaurant Doors


A staff restaurant run by catering company Gather & Gather in a prominent business centre in Leeds needed to solve the problem of damaged doors connecting the back of house kitchen area with the front of house dining area.

Catering for staff employed by Blue Chip companies whose offices are housed in the centre, the restaurant finds itself very busy at all times throughout the day.

“The long working hours and the amount of customers we serve can lead to the kitchen doors being opened up to 800 times a day and they are usually not opened by hands but by the end of trolleys and carts being pushed through them. This can lead to the doors becoming damaged and looking scruffy and marked.” explained catering manager Martin Bradshaw.

The facilities management company in charge of the business centre buildings sourced a solution, to preventing the continual damage that the expensive fire doors were experiencing, from a range of fire rated door protection products from Yeoman Shield.

“Over the last 13 years we have had to replace the kitchen fire doors twice, each time costing in the region of £1,200.00. With Yeoman Shield door protection installed this expense will be a thing of the past. We were also confident, due to the fire certification provided by Yeoman Shield that installing these products would in no way affect the integrity of the fire doors.” commented the building facilities manager.

Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing team installed 2.0mm thick door protection panels with a FalmouthEx finish to both sides of the double swing kitchen doors in a Buff colour.

1 hour fire rated door edge protectors were then installed to both the leading and hinged edge of the doors which were then finished off with a low level kick plate in a contrasting Brown.

“It’s important that the doors on show to the public look clean and hygienic giving the customer confidence that what is behind the doors in the kitchen working area will also live up to this standard. We are very pleased with the Yeoman Shield products on the door which still look brand new even though it has been in place for many months.” Concluded Karen Fisher, operations director for Gather & Gather catering company.

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