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Yeoman Shield keeps walls fit and healthy at Fife Leisure Centres


With the responsibility of 14 leisure centres in the region, Fife Sports & Leisure Trust have the continual duty to keep their venues damage free and presentable to the public whilst keeping a close eye on the maintenance budgets.113 279 5854.

As part of the maintenance and refurbishments of their centres Fife Sports & Leisure looked to Yeoman Shield for a solution to the continual marking and damaging of walls. Caused by the every-day use of the facilities, by visitor footfall, the movement of cleaning equipment and the use of sports apparatus, the resulting damage can be expensive to repair.

Yeoman Shield’s 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx wall protection panels at 1250mm high were installed by Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives to walls in corridors, sports halls, gyms and changing areas in 5 of Fife Sports & Leisure Trust Gyms. These were complemented with the fitting of Yeoman Shield Corner Protection Angles to vulnerable corners.

FalmouthEx panels are manufactured using Vinylac, a specially formulated PVCu material that is developed to be resistant to impact and abrasion, which is exclusive to Yeoman Shield products.

Once the panels are in place, the walls will be protected from every day wear and tear for many years to come, halting the expensive cycle of repair and redecoration.

Easy to clean the wall panels are inherently hygienic and as they are a rigid PVC do not support the growth of bacteria or mould.

Due to Yeoman Shield’s extensive colour range the leisure centres were able to choose colours that fitted in with the environment, either blending in with colour schemes or used to denote different zones of the sports centres.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of fitting the Yeoman Shield wall protection which I can see will save us money on maintenance throughout the centres over the years to come.” commented Gym Manager, Stuart Bizzarri.

“The choice of colours has enabled us to bring the centres to life, with the easy clean, protective surfaces helping to maintain a pristine image for our clients.”

For more information on Yeoman Shield wall & door protection products or to order a new product brochure go to or call 0113 279 5854.