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Barnsley Hospital gets support from the New Guardian Twin Handrail


Yeoman Shield’s new Guardian Twin Handrail was installed as part of the ward refurbishment project recently undertaken at Barnsley Hospital, South Yorkshire.

A 350+ bed hospital built in the 1970’s and serving a quarter of a million people in the Barnsley area, the hospital demands a constant regime of maintenance throughout its premises.

Maintaining its high standards, Barnsley Hospital have improved the surroundings and facilities in 6 of the hospital wards, including the discharge unit, female trauma and elective orthopaedic unit.

As part of the refurbishment project Yeoman Shield were employed to remove the old bump rail and handrails and replace them with the dual purpose Guardian Twin Handrail to corridors and waiting areas throughout the 6 wards.

The twin handrail was supplied with a 50mm dia. PVCu upper handrail for support to those who need it and a lower 125mm deep protection rail which, standing slightly forward of the handrail, offers protection to both the wall décor and the handrail itself, minimising on repair and replacement.

Supplied in a Pastel Blue colour with contrasting accessories in Pebble Grey the Guardian Twin Handrail from Yeoman Shield was complemented with matching 200mm protection strip and corner protection angles.

A member of the nursing staff on the discharge unit commented: “Previously down the corridors in this ward we just had a protection rail but now it has been replaced with a system that offers a handrail as well and we have found it a great help to our clients who attend the unit.”

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust commented that they have worked with Yeoman Shield previously and have always found their products and workmanship to be of a high standard.

For further details and options on the Yeoman Shield Guardian Twin handrail and the new Guardian 50mm dia. Handrail range go to or call 0113 279 5854.