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Southampton is often accompanied with Portsmouth in conversation due to its close proximately within the encompassing area of South Hampshire. Both cities are situated on the south coast of England and are famous for their ports which harbour some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Southampton alone is home to over a quarter of a million inhabitants with some of its biggest employers being Universities, the NHS, the BBC and Southampton Airport which are all ideal places to fit protection to doors and walls.

Due to the history steeped within South Hampshire and in particular Southampton it is often feared that new products may take away the architectural beauty. Our products can be adapted to ensure that they are in keeping with the style of the building and not only look good but protect the original architecture.

What Products Work For You

Protecting Doors – At Yeoman Shield we manufacture and fit products to protect your doors from damage, increasing the life expectancy of the doors themselves and reducing the amount you spend on replacements. Our product ranges include:

  • Door Panels & Plates – ideal for preventing dents and scrapes on the main body of the door.
  • Glazing Beads – preventing glazing beads from getting damaged which could prevent a fire door being fit for purpose.
  • Clapping Laths – covering the gap between the doors this product is ideal to protect against radioactive leaks in hospitals.
  • Kick Plates – accompanying the door panels and plates by protecting the foot of the door from damage.

Protecting Wall and Door Edges – one of the most damaged areas of a building is on edges and corners. Our range of products are specifically designed not just to protect the building but the people in it. The products that do this are:

  • Door Edge Protectors – Protecting both door meetings as well as hinges these products are ideal for doors which are regularly passed through by trolleys, people and other moveable equipment.
  • Door Frame & Architrave Protectors – The first line fo defence for your doors, these are the most common places to find damage, our products can save you money on both repairs and maintenance.
  • Ultra Corner Protectors – ideal for protecting corners of walls in areas which have heavy footfall due to their aluminium retainer.
  • Standard Corner Protectors – 3mm thick protectors to ensure your wall corners are kept damage free reducing your maintenance costs.   

Protecting Walls – To ensure your walls are protected from scrapes, dents and other types of damage we have created a range of stylish but effective products that are bound to reduce your annual maintenance and repair costs.

  • Wall Panelling – Our plastic wall panels can be created to meet any requirements, with standard colours available and bespoke designs we can ensure it is in keeping with your current décor.
  • Wall Protection Strips – Protecting walls against damage from moveable equipment and  furniture in corridors, meeting rooms and other back of house areas.
  • Protection Rails – combining handrails with protection these are ideal for corridors in hospitals and schools where people with difficulty walking may frequent.  

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